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Please take a moment to read this page and look at the pictures to understand the different choices of materials. 

We have BedBoards™ to fit your '07 - '15 2 or 4 door Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU no matter how you have it set up.  

  • Soft top/door surrounds on the Jeep- these are shorter and slightly narrower to allow the top to fold down. These fit snugly inside the soft top and can stay on with the top up or down so installation is a one time thing. Did we mention that?
  • No top at all and no door surrounds- these are the longest and widest boards.
BedBoards™ cover and protect the edge of the body tub from items like fishing rods or surf boards that might be leaned against this area or from shifting cargo like coolers, beach chairs as well as protect the paint from watches and jewelry and dog's dirty feet. They also make a great arm rest for passengers riding in the rear seat and a great step for climbing in and out of the back of a Jeep with its top down. Much easier than using the doors and no need to worry about scratching the paint!  They can also serve as a mounting platform for a host of lightweight Jeep accessories such as cup holders, fire extinguishers, jacks, axes and shovels, cleats and other tie-down anchors for light loads. The BedBoards are easy to install using stainless steel screws (included) in the factory mounting holes and the soft top versions can stay on the vehicle with the soft top up or down so installation is a one time deal! Hard top versions obviously have to come off for the installation of the hard top but the BedBoards use the factory mounting holes so there is never any drilling required and all hardware and tools are included. See our Custom Order page for customization options- send us an image and we will laser engrave it on the BedBoards for you..


Here are some before and after pictures (scratched/dented/factory holes & spot welds showing on the left  and after pictures of a few different models/finishes on the right...Which do you like better?!?!

 Which material works/looks best for me? We offer our BedBoards in 2 different materials to suit your Jeep's color and your preferences:  

 1.  African Mahogany- Looking to add some class to your Jeep with a dark, rich varnished look that reminds you of a fine yacht, summer weather and quality craftsmanship? This is it. It is our most expensive option because of the cost of materials and labor to produce the dark stained, rich high gloss varnish look. This wood is much softer than the others so we wouldn't recommend stepping on it too much (unlike the King Starboard) but nothing compares to the beauty of the color and grain of stained African Mahogany with high gloss spar varnish on it. As with any finish, it will scratch if heavily abused though so keep that in mind but the finish can be re-coated easily if damaged.

2.  King Starboard™ is a high density polymer material primarily used for marine applications- see the manufacturers page here ( Although it is not wood, we love the "from the factory" look and the indestructible feel of this material as well as the black color which not only goes with black Jeeps but really goes very well with every other color too. Put them on your Jeep and you will agree that they look like they came from Jeep as standard equipment. There is no varnish finish here (just the raw King Starboard) either so if you really want something you wont ever have to worry about, then this is the material for your Jeep. It has a non-skid texture, is completely impervious to dirt/water and is U/V stabilized, and can be modified with standard wood working tools if you want.  Get it muddy on the trail or sandy at the beach? Power wash it if you want and it will look just fine when dry -OR- leave it dirty... It's tough stuff and not just for black Jeeps!


Please note that the wood BedBoards are finished with a quality exterior varnish that should provide years of good looks and protection for the wood as long as you maintain the finish and keep the BedBoards dry and clean. The varnish is an exterior rated finish and is designed to withstand and occasional rainstorm, the sun and abrasion from hands/feet but no finish will last forever so please keep this in mind and try to maintain the BedBoards as you would any piece of furniture and they will reward you with years of good looks and protection for the side of your Jeep. They can be refinished using readily available products so please contact us if you have questions. Also - due to the differences in lighting, cameras, image file types and sizes, and the settings on the screen you are viewing this on, we cannot guarantee that the colors/wood grain seen here will be an exact match to the product you receive in the mail.  Remember- its a natural product so the grain, figure and color will vary between boards and production runs.   We do our best to combine boards with similar grain in each pair of BedBoards but they are natural wood and some variation is to be expected (and celebrated we think). Fortunately, they are about 4' apart when they are on your Jeep!  Thank you :)