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The Soft Top BedBoards™ are easy to install using stainless steel screws (included) in the factory mounting holes and the Boards can stay on the vehicle with the soft top up or down so installation is a one time deal! Hard top versions obviously have to come off for the installation of the hard top but the BedBoards use the factory mounting holes so there is never any drilling required and all hardware and tools are included. See our Custom Order page for customization options. 

To install the BedBoards™: Simply position the BedBoards over the factory holes in the body. You may have to slide the BedBoards forward and back about an inch or so to locate the threads in the insert in the body because the inserts are designed to slide forward/back a little to make hard top installation easier. Once aligned, start all of the screws with your fingers until you feel them
threading into the insert but do not tighten them yet. Once all of the screws are started but are still loose, slide the BedBoard forward until it either hits the soft top door surround or just stops about 1/16" from the rubber weather stripping on the back of the door if you don't have a top on your Jeep. Tighten the screws as far as you can by hand and then finish snugging them down with the included hex/allen wrench- do not over tighten!  Maybe 1/4 turn past where the bolt starts to feel
snug. Installation can be done with a soft top on and up although you will have to remove the side windows to position the BedBoards over the holes in the body tub.

BedBoard slid forward against plastic door surround for soft top models:

BedBoard installed on a Jeep without a top and with door surrounds removed. Adjust it so it gets close but does not touch the door weatherstripping:

See how the BedBoard fits inside the rear corner of the soft top

**Please note: if your vehicle does not have the threaded inserts for the hard top (hard top retainers), you will need to purchase them from us (see shop page- $8.50 each) or directly from your Jeep dealer (part #55397093AC) but they require no tools to install. Vehicles originally sold without a hard top will usually need these since Jeep did not put them on soft top vehicles. To install, using your hands, just snap them in place under the existing holes in the body and you are ready to screw in your BedBoards using the supplied stainless steel machine screws and allen wrench.